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Why I write

October 28, 2011

A writer friend, author Patricia Lynne, asked me to do a guest spot on her blog, in a series she’s doing from other authors on “Why I write.” I asked if saying “Because it’s fun!” a dozen times counts as a post, but sadly she wanted something a little more complex than than that. So I had to think about why being able to write tops eating chocolate, on my hit list of life’s necessities. (And if you know me, you know how close to the very top of the list that is!) You can read my thoughts on her blog:

And in the vein of enjoying my writing, I got to see the rough cover for my upcoming short novella, Ghosts & Flames. I like the guy they picked for the younger main character, Talon. The manuscript is through proofreading, which means it may come out as soon as next Friday! As usual, MLR leaves it a little open, but as soon as I know the release date I will post it. And when I get the final cover, I’ll put it up on my website. It’s always fun to see the work of my imagination appear in finished form.

I’ve turned in the second novel in the Hidden Wolves series to my editor at MLR press. Hopefully she will like it enough to accept it. If so, it has usually taken 2 to 3 months to go through the editing process and get a book out. (MLR is faster at that than many other publishers, which I appreciate!) For now I’m waiting on her response, while polishing the third Life Lessons book for submission soon. And I have a free short story coming out in a couple of weeks. So fortunately loving writing is not a problem – I’m getting to do a lot of it these days.

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