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Looking ahead

March 25, 2013

I haven’t posted for a while, partly because I’ve been busy with real life and partly because I haven’t released anything new. In the past I’ve usually had an impending release to blog about, so it’s been a bit odd so far this year to have nothing. But I thought I’d let you know a few plans going forward.

The fourth Life Lessons book was accepted by MLR Press, and is in editing. I can’t yet predict a release date or even a release month, but you can think good thoughts for it. Editing is a bit backed up at the moment.

I’m hoping to release two short stories in the Hidden Wolves series soon as freebies. One is an expansion of Interlude, retitled Unsettled Interlude, about Simon and Paul between the existing two books. Although the original scrap of story has been up on my website, I’m doing a bigger rewrite and then will have it for download as well. The second story comes after the events in Unexpected Demands with a look at Zach and Aaron. I’m doing proofing and covers, and hope to have those for you soon.

My latest distraction has been a story I took on for the Goodreads M/M group’s 2013 writing event, Love Has No Boundaries. I really love writing stories for picture prompts and was sucked in by one that says,

Dear Author —

For so long, years that seemed to go on forever, I couldn’t bear to be touched. I put up not just walls but whole concrete bunkers to keep people out — not just emotionally, but physically as well. Sure, I was alone. But I felt safe. Only, after awhile, I wasn’t sure any longer whether a totally “safe” life was really worth living. But I was still too afraid to reach out. I started to think about a way out — a way out of living, that is.

Then someone came along. Someone…completely unexpected. How do I explain him? I can’t. But he wouldn’t give up on me, and he never believed in walls.

I was in a mood to write fantasy, so that’s what I’ve been doing. Working on this story is the perfect distraction (and I’ve passed 40,000 words in a couple of weeks.) It will release for the event sometime in the summer – June through August. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it.

I’ve also registered for the Gay Rom Lit retreat in Atlanta this October. I’ll be going as an official author this time, which means swag and a book signing and some kind of panel, oh my. But last year was so much fun that I’m looking forward to it. For now, it’s far enough off that I’m not focused on it. I do hope to see some of you there, though. Last I looked there were still about 25 reader slots available. I’m planning to have an extroverted friend along to push me into going to events, so I may be more visible than last year. Hopefully this will be a good thing.

I’ll post again when the short stories are closer to being available. Thanks for sticking around while I get the writing back in gear.

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  1. Cathy S (Australia) permalink
    March 27, 2013 4:52 am

    Thanks for the update. I wondered where you were hiding. I was listening to my old Air Supply CD the other day on the way to work and think the song “Even the Nights are Better” could be the theme song for The Rebuilding Years.

  2. Rita Roberts permalink
    April 3, 2013 3:29 pm

    Hi Kaje, again sorry for posting here. I wanted to say ‘hi’ and that I’m excited about the news re Life Lessons 4, but, I went and got myself even more excited about Sole Support, thinking it was out on 6 Apr 2013…only to realise that it’s out on 4 Jun 2013. I’d forgotten the date was US style, not UK style. Oh well. I’ll just have to be patient! Is there any inkling yet as to when LL4 might make it out? Thanks, regards, Rita

    • April 4, 2013 1:18 am

      I’m glad you posted here – that’s what it’s for. Unfortunately that’s all the glad I have for you – LL#4 edits are happening, slowly, with no release date yet. Sorry about the Sole Support confusion – as a Canadian living in the US, I’ve tripped over that date reversal more than once.

      On a maybe happier note, I’m almost done with the freebie I mentioned above, and it’s at 83K, so it’ll be another free novel. (Hi, I’m Kaje and I’m a writing addict…) A fantasy, but of a fairly realistic style, with a release in the summer.

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