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A freebie short, and a chance to win

July 10, 2014

Today I’m on the blog of The Gemini Girls, participating in their July Fever event. Of course, given the choice of writing a blog post or a story…

I wrote a story. You’ll find a little 2500 word short, titled In the Rockets’ Red Glare. If you comment there is also a chance to win any of my backlist books (and if you see the covers posted are freebies, that’s just because they’re my latest; if you win, pick any of the pro books I have out.)

The site also has a grand prize drawing for a bundle of M/M and M/F ebooks for many of the featured authors, including my own Unacceptable Risk.

You can find the story at #JulyFever – Day 10 – Kaje Harper. I hope you enjoy it.

UNRELATED WARNING There is another new site out there claiming to be selling romance books, including many of mine, for $1.50 each. The site is “”. Most of the sites that illegally sell books are phishing for your credit card and computer information. Many do not even have the books. If they do, they are illegally making money off the authors’ work, and paying us nothing. It is always a warning to see they are selling “Nor Iron Bars a Cage”, which is a freebie. DO NOT GIVE THIS SITE YOUR MONEY OR YOUR INFORMATION.

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