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“Laser Visions” is out

July 12, 2014

. Laser Visions is now released, from the Goodreads M/M Group’s Love’s Landscapes free story writing event. I ended up with a novel, at 79,000 words, and I had great fun writing it. This is a near-future paranormal mystery. The prompt says,

“Dear Author,

I just moved into this old antebellum home I bought with the intentions of restoring. I often find myself awoken in the night by strange noises I cannot identify or hear during the day. At first, I think it’s just a dream… this seemingly phantom always walking away. Who is he and how can I get him to finally turn around and see me?

****I don’t want this to be a past lover/reunited lovers story. Please no cheating or ménage and must have a HFN or HEA ending. Otherwise, get as creative as you like.****



Well how could I resist the challenge of a story where one MC keeps disappearing, and yet create the HFN/HEA ending that Kyle requested?

This story is set a couple of decades into the future, but it’s more of a low-key paranormal than Sci Fi. There is a mystery, inherent in that naked male figure, vanishing into the blue. And two men who are trying to solve it from opposite sides of reality.

You can find the complete Laser Visions story with the original prompt picture from Kyle Adams posted on the group. And the nice folk on the M/M group have already made it downloadable, due to the length. You can get a copy, complete with the gorgeous cover created for me by Enny Kraft on the M/M Group’s download site for DRitC. You don’t have to be a member of the group to download it.

I hope you have as much fun reading this as I had writing it. Check out all the other great Love’s Landscapes stories that are out, and will continue to release from the group, through into September.

And don’t forget, You can go read and comment on my short contemporary story, In the Rockets’ Red Glare on The Gemini Girls – #JulyFever – Day 10 – Kaje Harper. At the end of the week they will draw for one free backlist book of mine, and put your name in the hat for a multi-author grand prize package.

So… I’ve broken the dry spell and released a couple of new freebies for you. It’s a really nice feeling to be sending more guys out into the world for you to meet.

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