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Unjustified Claims released

September 19, 2014

greyWolf The third Hidden Wolves novel, Unjustified Claims, is now available from MLR Press, and on All Romance ebooks, and Kobo books. It will be out on Amazon tomorrow, Sept 20th.

This is the third novel in the ongoing series, and the fifth if you count the two free novellas. While each book is intended to have a complete arc, this story will make a lot more sense if you’ve read the others in the series, beginning with Unacceptable Risk. The world and the characters in it build through the series.

My wolf society is paranoid, hypervigilant, narrow, and at times violent. The wolves adhere to rules that have kept them hidden for generations. But times change. Information is shared far and wide online, cell cameras abound, street corners have 24/7 surveillance and satellite images become sharp and clear. My wolves find themselves fighting harder and harder to stay safely out of sight of humans. The Packs are changing. These books are the story of that change, and of some of the men, both were and human, who come together in the resulting interesting times.

UnjustifiedClaims In this third novel, Ethan, the human, and Brandt, the werewolf, have problems of their own. But the pressures coming to bear on wider werewolf society will affect them as well. I hope fans of the series enjoy this installment.

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