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An audiobook out in the world…

November 9, 2015

IDW Dog Three weeks ago I released Into Deep Waters in audiobook. And held my breath, because, you know, loving something myself doesn’t mean others will. I was sure that Kaleo Griffith’s narration would resonate with many listeners, as it did with me. But still… opening day nerves, just like with any other release. With the added issue of having no real clue what to expect from audio.

By now, the book has 12 ratings on Audible, and 11 of them gave both story and narrator 5 stars. There are two lovely reviews there, and now the first blog review I’ve seen, from BJ on scattered thoughts and rogue words is even kinder than I expected. I’m so thrilled that other people are finding in the audio version what I did when I listened to it – a heartfelt emotional resonance. Thanks, Kaleo ❤

As for sales… it's selling some. I really have no idea what is reasonable to expect, and with Audible credits and the cash price being different, that will be a learning process too.

There was a momentary hiccup a week ago, as Amazon arbitrarily moved the book from “Gay Romance” to “LGBT Fiction” without telling me. I rushed to pull all the tags except “Gay Romance” off it, and it went back where it should have the most appeal. ETA – I checked and the ebook is still back where it belongs, and the audio apparently doesn’t have a Gay Romance category, so we’re where we should be. (Thanks Kathleen)

It's too soon yet to say if I'll do this again with another book, but I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, thanks to everyone who bought it, and especially those who took the time to review or rate it. I hope you enjoyed sharing the world with Jacob and Daniel, for the length of 7 hours, and 69 well-lived years.

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