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Very best Mother’s Day wishes to everyone.

May 8, 2016

To the mothers who love their children unconditionally, not thinking they are perfect, but supporting and accepting them even when they’re not.

To the people who managed to become adults without that kind of supportive mom in their lives. May the images of this day for others not hurt too much. May you have someone else in your life who gives you unconditional love.

To those whose Mother’s Day is bittersweet with loss. My two wonderful kids give me little tokens that mean the world to me. ❤ But my own mother is lost in the fog of Alzheimer's, and the day means nothing to her now. I mean nothing special to her now. But once upon a time… I will remember the love from once upon a time, and know how fortunate I am. And then look at the note from my son, and the cookies and home-made candy from my daughter, and know I am blessed.

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