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Holiday story cover reveal

November 29, 2017

I have a lovely cover for my holiday story coming in December – thanks to Karrie Jax for the design and Dan Skinner for the perfect photo of my Donnie and Adam.

“Don’t Plan to Stay”

At eighteen, Donnie Kagan’s plans for graduation, and maybe even college, were derailed by a beer, a stoplight, and a fatal crash. Now he’s twenty-four, out of prison, and bitterly determined to start over. But with the holidays approaching, he can’t resist a quick trip home to Tallbridge, North Dakota, and the man he left behind. Just a fast look, to make sure Adam’s doing all right, before Donnie starts his new life. He doesn’t plan to stay.

Adam Lindberg’s been waiting six years to get closure with Donnie. He missed that chance after the accident, fighting for his life in a hospital bed as Donnie pled guilty and disappeared into the justice system. Without so much as a letter back from Donnie in all this time, Adam’s tried to move on. And yet, he never found another guy he cared about the same way. So when Donnie shows up in Tallbridge, Adam’s ready to fight for more than three words of goodbye. Of course, Adam’s brother and dad don’t want Donnie to stick around, but it’s the busy Christmas season at the family store. If Adam asks for Donnie’s help, maybe he’ll stay long enough to finally talk about the future, and the past.

43,000 words. Anticipated release date Dec 9 2017.

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  1. Donna permalink
    November 29, 2017 5:01 pm

    Good luck with your new release. This sounds sweet. Your books are an automatic buy and read for me, since the first book I’ve read of yours and still favorite, The Rebuilding Years. I still need the Hidden Wolves series and Sole Support and I think that will be all your books. I don’t even know why, because paranormal and love, no matter what, is a favorite., but I’ll get there.
    Again GOOD LUCK!

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