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Rainbow Briefs volume 2 released

August 30, 2018

My second Young Adult short story collection under my YA pen name Kira Harp is now available – Rainbow Briefs volume 2 is free in ebook on Smashwords, and should distribute free to B&N, Kobo and iBooks in the next couple of weeks. It’s .99 on Amazon until they decide to price match.

There is also a paper copy on AZ, and I’ll bring some to GRL in October.


Dragons don’t care what gender you are.
A small town may be a refuge, or a trap.
Some younger brothers really do save the planet.
Three people can be the strongest shape.
There’s nothing quite like a gorgeous girl on a shape-shifting motorcycle.

This second Kira Harp collection brings together LGBTQ teens in 21 stories of adventure, discovery, and romance, in fantasy, paranormal, contemporary, and SciFi settings. Ranging from a few short pages to 12,000 words, each story was inspired by a prompt picture from the YA LGBTQ Books Group on Goodreads.

(Content warnings for abduction, bullying, self harm, substance abuse, suicidal ideation.)

I hope readers enjoy this new collection of stories with teen MCs are who are gay, lesbian, genderfluid, trans, asexual, bi, poly, etc. It was fun revising the drafts from my YA group and polishing things up. The prompt picture descriptions are in the text, (and the actual pictures are in the YA group’s “Tales Told” folder. ) I do love the challenge of writing to a prompt.

Smashwords –

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