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“Like the Taste of Summer” on Amazon

August 10, 2019

My 15,000 word novella Like the Taste of Summer has been a free read available on most platforms for years, but I thought it might be nice to have it on Amazon as well. After a bit of hitch (because someone once uploaded a pirated copy to AZ, and they wanted to know if I had permission from the “original” publisher) we got things straightened out and it’s now live. I hope this will get my little story a few new readers.

Amazon US –
Amazon UK –


Jack managed to get a scholarship to a small-town college in the middle of the Iowa cornfields, September 1981. It wasn’t New York, or California, but he figured it would be better than being home. College would be be a new start in a new place, maybe somewhere he could be himself.

Sean was local, born and bred, on the opposite side of the town-and-gown divide, but attraction knows no boundaries. When personal tragedy brought them together, it was the beginning of something extraordinary.

This is the re-release of a story written for a Goodreads M/M Romance writing event in 2011.


The current price is at .99 (despite me giving them the links to where it’s free.) If you would like it to go free on AZ, please go to their link for “Would you like to tell us about a lower price?” under the product details and link the Smashwords ( or B&N ( freebie – usually Amazon will price match.

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