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Free and sale books

March 20, 2020

Books can be a comfort, and a refuge, in difficult times. Smashwords is having a big sale, from today through April 20th. Many books are free, or 30 or 60% off. Mobi is one of the often-available formats, and my books are in .mobi, pdf, and epub. Check out all the sale books. (my own SW link below)

I have 4 books I’ve made free there through the sale – Sole Support, Second Act, Gift of the Goddess (note a content warning for non-con) and Love and Lint Rollers. (In addition to all my permanently free books)

I’ve also made The Rebuilding Year (Rebuilding Year book 1) 60% off at SW only.

I’ve also marked three books down to .99 although you won’t see the sale tags on them (because the price options didn’t include .99) – just the new low price.

Changes Coming Down (Changes book 1), The Family We Make (Finding Family book 2, where book 1 is a perma-free novella) and Tracefinder: Contact (Tracefinder book 1) are all .99 for a month.

My SW page :

I’ve marked those to .99 on Amazon too, and it looks like some of those price changes are going through now.

I want to wish all my readers safety, a steady heart, and hope, through the days and months to come.


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